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Panorama of Sandia Mountains, Bosque, and Rio Grande from Rio Rancho Bosque Preserve - Alb

Sandoval County Wards

In Sandoval County, Wards are based on the geographic area of the County Commission Districts. To find your County Commission District, go to the NM Secretary of State to get your Voter Registration Information.

What is a Ward Chair?

In Sandoval County, the Ward Chair occupies a pivotal position in fostering connections between the party and the local community. Serving as community leaders, they advocate for the party's interests and principles within the ward. Their duties encompass coordinating and energizing local projects and involvement, motivating residents to engage in party functions and gatherings. Additionally, they serve as a conduit for community members to express their thoughts and input to the party. The Ward Chair plays a crucial role in the party's structure by promoting continual connection and responsiveness to the community's needs.

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