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Getting involved with RPSC is easy.  Simply fill out the volunteer form under each of the committees and you will be contacted by a committee member to plug you in.  

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Analytical Committee

You will handle all things data.   This committee will create walk lists and analyze voter information to better target key voters.

All requests and correspondence will be sent to


Legislative Committee

Track and report on all things in the roundhouse.   This team will alert RPSC when there needs to be phone calls and emails to the legislature, both local and state.

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Digital Committee

All things digital.   This will include creating media content, podcasts, and social media outreach .   To submit a post or event, please send all content requests to

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Community Outreach & Engagement Committee

This committee is in charge of planning and executing outreach activities.  They will work closely with the digital and budget committees

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Education Committee

This committee will focus on educating the Republican Party on needed topics, utilizing a combination of online and in-person training. 

Committee Members: 

 Maura Jans

 Tonja Brandt 

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Rules Committee

This team is specifically mandated to align our county rules with the USRs.  They will be in charge of writing special rules as well.

Image by Fabian Blank

Budget, Finance & Fundraising Committee

In charge of all things financial - This committee will approve/deny all budget requests and do our SOS filings

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Administrative Committee

This committee will be in charge of creating a newletter, ensuring that all new volunteers are properly on-boarded, and will take minutes during meetings.

Image by Jennifer Burk

Election Committee

This committee will be in charge of all things election related.  They will work side by side with the analytical team on strategy and training.

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