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Placitas Referendum Petition Event

As you know, the NM Legislature has concluded this session, resulting in several bad bills being passed and signed by our Governor.

One in particular is the HB-7 Bill – Reproductive & Gender Affirming Healthcare Freedom Act. To note a few things about this bill:

This bill allows minors unrestricted access to receive abortions or transgender interventions with no parental notification and the death of a baby born alive if an abortion is unsuccessful.

Another is HB-4 Voting Rights Protections.

This bill allows automatic voter registration through a 3rd party, permanent voter absentee list and permanent drop boxes.

Good news, we can attempt to change course on this bill and several others using our NM Constitution and YOUR help.

Article 4, Section 1 - Referendum on Legislation states “the people reserve the power to disapprove, suspend and annul any law enacted by the legislature…See Constitution.

A coalition of NM volunteers have submitted the legal petitions to suspend these bills and several others. If we’re successful, we can get this bill suspended until the 2024 election. At which time, WE all will have a chance to vote on the legislation.

Now, where do you come in….we need your signature and everyone you know signature to make this happen.

1Please stop by the Placitas Library from 4:30pm to 7:30pm on Thursday April 27thand sign our petition.

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