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July Food Drive Was a Sucess!

I dropped off our food at St Felix Pantry this morning, and I want to convey a HUGE THANK YOU from both our Executive team and from Rachel at St. Felix. They were so grateful for the contribution and said to let you know that RPSC donated just shy of 200 lbs of food!

RPSC wants to thank each and every person that contributed last night to the food drive. I would like this to be a regular thing with our monthly meetings. Please comment and let me know if this is something you would be interested in doing on a monthly basis. Rachael runs things there and is very excited that we have reached out to the community. She would like to partner with us on events and activities going forward.

This is our first step in engaging in our community and we will expand going forward. Great job everyone!


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Jul 19, 2023

When republican party committee members do can food drive, we all should do food drive contest, who every brings in the most canned foods and dry foods, when first, second and third prizes; first prize a trip to republican campaign, second prize 100 bucks gift card of their choices, 3rd place a month Supply of pet foods or movies.

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