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Flag Day

On National Flag Day, let us sit for a moment and remember what the American Flag symbolizes.

  • 50 stars sewn into our flag that represent our 50 states. 50 stars representing justice, perseverance, and vigilance. Those stars remind us to fight for a just and fair legal system. Those stars remind us that we are here because of the perseverance and vigilance of those before us.

  • The red stripes are for valor: Courage and boldness, as in battle; bravery. Strength of mind in resisting fear and braving danger; bravery; especially, courage and skill in fighting. Valor is our value and our worth.

  • The white stripes are for purity and innocence. The white stripes represent our children, the unborn, and reminds us to do what we must to protect their lives, their minds, and their hearts.

RPSC would like to wish everyone a very happy Flag Day, as we sit for a moment and reflect on just what our flag means to Americans.

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