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County Central Committee

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A. Delegation of Authority to State Executive Committee: The State Central Committee shall have
the power to delegate any part of its authority to a State Executive Committee, provided such
delegation is not in conflict with any law.
B. Power to Settle Factional Differences: The State Central Committee shall have the power to
settle factional differences and to prevent damage to the party welfare. The State Central
Committee shall have the power to call together any county central committee for the purpose of
rearranging such county committee or its officers or enlarging the membership thereof, and shall
determine the method of rearranging or enlarging any such county committee and shall have the
power to rearrange or replace any precinct or ward committee or its officers, as hereinafter
specifically provided in this rule.
C. If a county chairman fails or refuses to call a meeting of a county central committee when such
meeting is provided for by these rules, or when such meeting is duly ordered by the state
chairman then and in that event the state chairman shall, upon a majority vote of the State
Executive Committee, decree a vacancy in the office of such county chairman and shall call a
meeting of the county central committee for the purpose of electing a new county chairman.
Such meeting shall be called in accordance with these rules by the state chairman in lieu of the
county chairman, and the person elected at such meeting as chairman of the county central
committee shall automatically be the county chairman of the Republican Party in said county.
D. When the State Central Committee, in its discretion, finds that any precinct caucus, ward caucus,
county convention, or election, or any combination thereof was improperly held, or was not held,
or where any dispute involving factional differences is presented to the State Central Committee,
it shall have the power to select new precinct officers, ward officers, county officers, members of
the county central committee, and members of the State Central Committee from that county.

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