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Create a Vote Plan

Sign up with the Republican Party of New Mexico

and create an Early Vote Plan.


No matter when you decide to vote, make sure you do the following things:

  • Register to vote ASAP! Click HERE.

    To learn about Same Day Registration: Click HERE.


  • Already registered? Check your voter file to make sure its active, address updated, party affiliation updated! If not, update it now! Click HERE.


  • View your sample ballot.  Get to know your candidates and read any bonds and propositions for your community. Click HERE.


  • Choose three voting locations – make sure you choose up to 3 just in case of long lines and or technical problems. To find three locations near you, Click HERE.

  • New to New Mexico? Same Day Registration starts at all voting locations May 7th. Take your picture ID and proof of residency.  Register and vote the same day!


  • Not going to be in town during early voting?  Request an Absentee ballot today! They will be mailed out May 7th and you can start to track your ballot. Click HERE.


  • Find and support the qualified Republicans running in your district! Click HERE.


  • Have questions about any of these topics and or need help? Call RPNM at 505-298-3662!


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