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Executive Roles and Responsibilities

What does the County Chair actually do?  What are the responsibilities of a County Secretary or Treasurer?  Find out what each role is responsible for.  

All of the Executive roles are strictly volunteer.  These executives do not receive any monies for the work that they do.   Anyone elected to one of these roles is expected to attend all meetings, pay their own travel, admission fees, hotels, and gas for any function within RPNM.

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Sandoval County Chairman

The chairman of each county central committee shall automatically be the county chairman of the Republican Party of the county with the following powers and duties:

1. Duty to “call” County Central Committee Meetings: The chairman of the Republican Party of the county shall have the following powers and duties to call, with proper notice, meetings of the county central committee at such times as he or she may deem proper and shall have the duty to call such meetings when required by these rules.

2. Duty to Preside: It shall be the duty of the county chairman to preside at the meetings of the county central committee.

3. Duty - Calls and Notices: It shall be the duty of the county chairman to insure that all calls and notices for meetings and conventions are properly issued in accordance with these rules and the law.

4. Duty to Certify: It shall be the duty of the incoming and/or outgoing county chairman to certify the results of the Biennial Organizational County Convention to the state chairman.

5. Duty to Appoint Committees: The county chairman shall have the duty to appoint such committees as may be required by these rules.

6. Power to Appoint: The county chairman shall have the power to appoint such other assistants, coordinators, or committees as he or she may deem proper.

7. General Duties: The county chairman shall perform all the duties imposed under these rules, such other duties as may be imposed by the county central committee, all the duties usually incumbent upon a county chairman, and any duties mandated by law.

8. Duty to Properly Transition to Successor: The county chairman (and all other county officers) shall have the duty to transition their office to their duly elected successor with all required assets (property, paper and computer files, reports, budgets, artifacts, etc.) up to date and accounted for. 

Sandoval County First Vice Chair

First Vice Chair exercises all the powers and duties of the County Chair in his/ her absence or in

the event of his her disability in addition to other functions that may be assigned by the County Chair.

Specific duties include

  • Performing the duties of an Events Chairman for events that are considered

county events, as well as establishing the program speakers and party activities for all SANDOVAL


  • These duties include responsibility for arrangement, setup, scheduling and oversight of

volunteers for the events, as well as maintaining a master calendar of all county activities and events

identified by the County Executive Committee.

Sandoval County Second Vice Chair

The 2nd Vice Chair shall assume the powers and duties of the 1st Vice Chair in his/her absence or in

the event of his/ her disability in addition to other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by

the County Central Committee, Executive Committee and the County Chairman.

Specific include

  • coordination activities of the various Precinct Chairs

  • scheduling, administrating and overseeing quarterly meetings of all Ward Chairs and aiding and assisting the Ward Chairs in their supervision of individual Ward meetings for SANDOVAL County Republican Party

Sandoval County Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for providing senior level secretarial, clerical and administrative support to

ensure that services are provided in an effective and efficient manner to the governing Central

Committee, Executive Committee, and other Officers of the RPSC.

In addition, the Secretary shall:

  • Secretarial duties, such as managing guest books, sign-in sheets, contact information forms, and

               taking minutes at meetings

  • Undertake administrative duties when updating databases, filing, and responding to


  • Produce and maintain an effective filing system and develop office standards.

  • Work with the Sandoval County Chair to canvass NM legislative sessions.

  • Planning and preparation of meetings. conferences and conventions

  • Develop and dispense agendas as prepared by the Sandoval County Chair

  • Work closely with sub-committee Chairs, offering help to organize and develop and

       inform the Central committee and general membership of recommended goals / strategy. 

  • Help the Executive Committee develop a voter registration plan, including voter education.

       and help white papers on the endorsement or declination of that come before Sandoval County voters.

  • Help draft reports. amendments, and prepare briefing materials

  • Identify and mentor successors.

Sandoval County Treasurer

Because the Treasurer is important to the proper financial management of Sandoval County, he/she

greatly affects the public's perception, trust, and assurance in the organization. It is highly

recommended that the Treasurer have qualifications such as financial literacy, attention to detail,

timeliness in completing tasks, neat and accurate record keeping.

  • There must be an open and constant line of communication between the Treasurer, Officers, Executive Committee. and Central committee of SANDOVAL County about sound financial policies, procedures, and budget oversight.

  • The SANDOVAL County Treasurer is the officer assigned the primary responsibility of overseeing the management and reporting of the SANDOVAL County's finances.

  • The Treasurer has many important duties including:

  • Bank account maintenance — Signing checks, depositing funds, and/or investing excess funds


  • Financial transaction oversight — Knowing who has access to any of the organization's funds,

               any outstanding bills or debts owed, as well as cash flow management.

  • Chair of committees — Serving as a member of the Finance committee and the Budget


  • Budgets — Comparing the actual line item revenues and line item expenses incurred against the

               approved budget.

  • Reports -Completing required financial reporting forms in a timely fashion and making these

               forms available to all financial committees.

  • Keep the EC and the CC regularly informed — It is imperative that the Treasurer keep both

               committees informed of key financial events and assessment of the Sandoval County fiscal health.

  • Help manage cash flow - Work with the county Executive committee to achieve cash flow


  • Provide compliance material - Help Local campaigns obtain any New Mexico campaign

               finance materials and information concerning filing of these laws.

Sandoval Ward Chair

The duties of each ward/precinct chairman shall be:


1. To implement the organizational program of the county central committee;

2. To prepare for and hold ward/precinct caucuses as provided for in these rules;

3. To obtain and recommend to the county chairman a full complement of qualified Republican election officials to serve on the precinct board of each precinct;

4. To provide at least the number of qualified Republican watchers and challengers designated by the county chairman for each primary, general, and partisan special election;

5. To cooperate with the county finance program, and

6. To serve as an ex officio member of the county central committee.

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